Spoken English language grammar

Spoken English language grammar

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Spoken English language grammar
Common Pronoun usage He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, We/Us, I/Me I, He, she, they and we are subject pronouns. When the subject is doing the action you use these pronouns. Example: I spoke to her. Me, him, her, them and us are object pronouns. These pronouns do not do an action. They simply receive an action. Example: Give it to me. Never start a sentence with me. If there are two or more people involved, always start with other people?s name and end with referring you as ?I?. Example: Raj, Sanvi and I went to a movie.
Try to speak English the way you write it. Spoken English is pretty relaxed and you can get away with grammatical errors most of the time, but it pays to speak correctly. Hence, the golden rule would

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