Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills

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Effective Communication Skills
Everyone uses interpersonal communication skills.We use them at home with our families. in the Workplace with our bosses and co-workers, on ourcomputers when we answer email, and on the telephone when we order pizza. This manual isintended to help you improve your interpersonal communication skills and develop new skills tobecome a more effective communicator. Interpersonal communication applies to all of ourrelationships, personal and business. Others respect or reject us based on our interpersonalcommunication skills. People send us messages in every interpersonal communication encounter.Those messages can be explicit (verbal comments) or implicit (nonverbal facial expressions, other bodylanguage, and physical space). The first step in communication is using theappropriate method. In the work place there is likely to be a variety of tools available and you will needto decide whether a situation calls for an email, a phone call or a face to face conversation.
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Criteria for Assessing Communication Competen .pdf File

Communication Skills Self .pdf File

The Communication Cycle .pdf File

The 7 Cs of Communication .pdf File

Making a Great First .pdf File

Body Language .pdf File

Mehrabian‚??s Communication .pdf File

Assertiveness .pdf File

Communication Skills Training Tools .pdf File

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Active Listening .pdf File

Role Playing .pdf File

Conflict Resolution .pdf File

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